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CapitalNFN | 6/14/2014 09:58:00 am | 0Comments |

Assalamualaikum. Hello ! Good morning people,bloggerist,world and ya SARAWAK. So, long time no see right ? Hmm. Seems I too busy lately. Busy working at 'alien tua' punya company. Muahaha. Ain yang cipta nama tu. HAHAHA. Alien tua bawak kopi kat kantin. Huaaaaa ! Really really super duper miss that moment ! So here, end of the may I had to be ex ________ company. Hmm. I'm really really freedom that time ! Like seriously. Free from everything. Alien tua, Chris and everything. The sweet moment always in my mind. Dont worry. I just erase the bad things. Being bullied and so on. Hmm. 

At last ! I'm free. But on 2rd of june I had to fly to SARAWAK. Why? Vacation ? Oh no. My parents don't have that too much money. Hmm. it just I've got to go there. Terpaksa actually. but then, I relakan aja. Hmm. Sambung belajar dekat Samarahan ni ha. UiTM. Alhamdulillah. Bila dapat tahu, geguling aku dekat selling floor. Sebab tak nak pergi. 

So here. Now i expand my studies on Graphic design. Ya. Alhamdulillah. I've got it ! Yeayy ! First choice. And why I'm speak in english here? Oh i dont know. Like seriouslah. In university we just had to speak in ENGLISH ! Everytime. Oh my godness !! I'm so death ! on this Thursday we all ( part 1) student had to present ourself infront of our senior from part 2-5. And ya. Infront lecturer too. Wohoo. My stomach will be cramp that time. Nak buang air semua ada. Bhahahaha

until this day , I dont have homesick ! Oh thats weird. Very very very weird. Arghh. This the real of me ? Oh. I dont believe it. Serious. Ahhhhh.. Actually at this time I tengah buat assigment pasal typography. Tapi tak terbuat pulak. Mana tak nya, kena guna ayat sendiri kau bahh...

Hmm. Okay lah. KAMEK RINDU SAMA KITAK !!! :'(

*Seems like aku macam nak buat  bisnes je dalam u ni. Menjana pendapatan. nanti senanglah aku nak balik semenanjung. Hmm. Any opinion? suggestion please.....  

Sudah baca Harap balas ye. Love you more.

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