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Almost 1 year..

CapitalNFN | 4/04/2015 07:13:00 pm | 0Comments |

Assalamualaikum :)

Eh hai everybody. So yeah I'm updating my blog for a long time i'm abandon my sweetie little heart here. I'm sorry my dear. Huhu. I'm just got busy doing my assignment. HAHAHA. That not the fact actually. The fact is my broadband out of quota. And the line here just be same like in the forest you know. -_-'

So yeah. Almost one year I'm study at Sarawak. Its cool man! If you really want to study, this were the perfect place. hahahaha.. I'm just love Sarawak now. So, being a student from the faculty art and design were cool. Every subject were tough actually. But if you like it, that were just be simple + easy to do. Ngeh ngeh.. 

Lecturer here were just a nice person. Serious talk. If you being such a good person, automaticly people around you including the lecturer will be nice with you. Eventhough they look fierce person. Almost lecturer art and design were " semenanjung" people. hehehe.. All the lecturer were the best lecturer ever. I love them. 

So now I dont know what i want to shared with you guys. emm. The conclusion were UITMKS were the best ever.. Lagi dua payperr nak balik semenanjung !!!! yeayyyyyyyyyyy...

okay that all. Annyeong

Sudah baca Harap balas ye. Love you more.